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Onshore Wind Turbine Protection

Protecting Wind Turbines in the Caribbean

On the idyllic island of Curacao a wind farm has been buffeted by the warm winds off the Caribbean Sea since their installation nearly 30years ago.

20 July 2023

The perfect storm

The wind turbines have been facing the perfect storm of warm, moist winds whipping up sands, and creating the ideal recipe for coating damage and ultimately corrosion. The abrasive winds have had the effect of shot-blasting the coatings and causing major damage.

Damaged caused by corrosion

The main areas of corrosion that require repair are the flange connections between the tower sections. These connections have been so seriously damaged by the environmental conditions that failure to carry out repairs will put into question their structural integrity. It is not unknown for wind turbines to collapse as a result of corrosion in these flanged connections.

These repairs are required to maintain the structural integrity of the WTG`s


The flexibility of the EasyQote Range of products gave our client a variety of options to carry out the repairs. Firstly the areas where the coatings had been damaged had their surfaces prepared by thorough hand power tool cleaning and then wiped down using isopropyl alcohol wipes. A simple adhesion test was carried out to demonstrate to our client how successful the adhesion of the EasyQote products was going to be.


Easy-Qote products in use

Two different products were the applied to the surface prepped areas of the towers. The Grey EasyQote Self-Cleaning patches were then applied circumferentially around the tower flanges giving a one stop solution and stopping corrosion in its tracks. Alternatively EasyQote Basecoat was also applied around the flange connections providing a solution where there were irregularities in the uniformity of the connections. The Basecoat was then painted with WB Topcoat to the colour of the clients specification.

These repairs have now brought the coatings back into relevant specifications, securing asset integrity, and increasing the possibility of asset life extension.